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Guess Who - Round #1

Article 1

By Paul A. Strand

At 10:26 this morning, something happened that astonished the entire New York Police Department. The pensioner Karla van Hoeven was walking with her bulldog in Central Park. All of a sudden, she was jostled by a man in his mid-30s wearing a jogging suit and flat cap. He stole her handbag and ran away. After the lady realized what had happened, she got a pretty angry look and abruptly started to run, according to witnesses.

The spectators were astonished when the lady caught up with her robber a few moments later and put him out of action. She held him in a headlock until the police arrived, lit a cigarette, bought a newspaper and walked away. Later, it turned out that there was a ledger in her handbag. In it, she secured her recent crypto winnings of 22,503 Solana through NFT trading, with which she planned to buy a yacht. Moreover, she is said to have been a veteran of the Vietnam War and even lost a leg, which is now replaced by a prosthesis. What do we learn from this now? Never steal from an old smiling lady who has just done the flip of her life.

Historical Cultural Exchange

Guess Who - Round #1

Article 2

By Paul A. Strand

The 16.05.2022 has actually no too special event in the history. In 1792, the inauguration of the La Fenice theater in Venice once took place on this day, and in 1975, the Japanese Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. It is hard to imagine that she did not look like a cold turkey after this action. However.

Yesterday something took place on the golf course that will probably go down in history as a unique event. The very first gold sand colored New Basketball court was opened in the middle of the golf course. Brokers who like to play golf in their free time come together here with sportsmen and athletes. Some athletes even bring their calculators to learn how to trade during their break. Some brokers, on the other hand, bring balls to practice dunking. Even the well known judge Peter Semmelbrösl put aside his glasses and hammer and performed a perfect crossover dribble. This is the first step to the perfect cultural exchange program in the middle of the city.

Markets and Investors Psychology

Guess Who - Round #1

Article 3

By Paul A. Strand

What happens to the markets...
The world has become the stage of a massive price collapse within a few days. Many investors are panicking and selling their investments. Our editorial team has conducted a survey directly on Wall Street. 70% of all brokers claimed they no longer believed in a recovery and were shorting. 20% still believe in a recovery. Others claimed that they would try to make profits with NFT flips. A particularly heated discussion arose when two brokers had completely different opinions on this topic.

One broker, completely calm with his cigar in his mouth, claimed that flipping would have a negative impact on the NFT scene and it would only hurt projects. He compared these people to paperhands and called them the toilet paper gang. This type of trading was driving projects to ruin as people kept underbidding each other, causing the value of the project to be diminished. The other broker, with his brown afro and monocle, replied that all that matters is his own profit. If he is left with a bag full of money at the end of the day, he doesn't need to care about anything else.

These two brokers are a perfect example for all markets. However the markets operate, one thing should be clear to all investors. With diversification, you can minimize your risk. The important thing is to never lose your smile, because life is not only about numbers and profit.

Elons Dream

Guess Who - Round #2

Article 4

By Paul A. Strand

The NFT market is now firmly established in the crypto world. The bull horns of this market do not leave out billionaires. Elon Musk himself confirmed to our team of reporters in yesterday's exclusive interview that he is planning his own NFT project.

According to this, the project is to be structured in such a way that his NFTs will be limited to 20 and will be free of charge. With almost hypnotic eyes, he explained using the example of some credit cards and salt shakers, the challenge is to find the minting sites. Accordingly, he would create 20 different Minting pages, 1 NFT per page, and hide them on websites all over the world. He didn't care if the winners ended up being American, European, White, or Black.

The winners will get a chance to go to the moon with the cheeky billionaire. He has been working on the plan for years in his office in Florida. This shall be the place where he develops his most unusual ideas, such as monkeys trained for trading or the Ray Ban classic for special people with Cyclops eyes.

We keep our fingers crossed for him and hope for more revolutionary discoveries and scientific achievements!

NY welcomes the Fasion Week

Guess Who - Round #2

Article 5

By Paul A. Strand

Fashion Week is coming up in September. Many famous fashion designers have already signed up for the event. In New York this year will take place at 1st Street height of the Ferrari car dealership and will last 1 week.

Especially stand out among the participating designers Frank Meunier and Carla Sebastien. Headpieces such as bows or forehead-covering crowns will be especially in fashion. As gold is currently very popular, this year's Fashion Week motto will be "Shine like the golden logo".

Our team of reporters got the opportunity for an exclusive interview with the world-known star photographer Velmar can Kaching, who was convinced that leather, payettes and mustaches will play a supporting role. To the question if certain colors will play a role, he only replied, "is transparent also a color? ;)" Furthermore he gave us a short teaser, that a very special monopoly Fashion Edition game could be released this summer.

It remains to be seen which fashion classics will be knocked off the tron this year and which new legends will come to life.

A Luxurious Weekend in Spain

Guess Who - Round #3

Article 6

By Elizabeth Jones

Our reporters were recently fortunate to catch “the Wolf of Wall Street” for an interview. Upon asking him what life was like in this bear market, he removed his baltimore wolff tinted blue glasses and replied: “hasn’t affected me, it’s the best time to buy during the bear market. When everyone else is panic selling, you buy!”

He invited the B.B. Journal executives to spend the weekend at his luxurious retreat off the coast of Spain. A driver was sent to pick our reporters up from the New York office with the airport being our destination. The Wolf’s jet was a work of art; all black with rose fog tinted windows. Inside, the red suede seats had money logos etched in the headrests - it was something to be seen to be fully believed.

Excitement was high as the gold sand became visible in the distance. The pilot turned around with a cigar in his mouth and glass of scotch in his left hand, and announced to passengers: “That would be Spain, and that castle-like house you see to your left is where you’re going!” He raised his glass to the B.B. Journal team as if to cheers.

There was an evening dinner party on the Wolf’s yacht where everyone was dressed to the nines in elegant, classical attire. The environment was reminiscent of James Cameron’s Titanic, a simply hypnotic setting and atmosphere for all guests.

All in attendance were grateful for such an opportunity. For someone so wealthy, the Wolf is known for being grounded and generous. Our reporters were gifted an authentic Cuban cigar. An inspirational quote sent off the guests: “Fear isn’t real. When everyone else is scared, you be bold and fearless. You must be a wolf among the sheep!”

Mobsters of New York

Guess Who - Round #3

Article 7

By Elizabeth Jones

The streets of New York have become increasingly dangerous. Modern day mobsters continue to make their money in a reign of terror over afraid store owners. Our reporters recently caught up with Terry Trent, the store owner, of the world renowned men’s clothing store, Tight Pants. On Tuesday night, Mr. Trent’s store windows were smashed in an invasion that saw his tight pants ripped to shreds, and his eyes blackened.

Mr. Trent believed it was a targeted act of violence, as he’d refused to pay “ruthless thugs.” The perpetrators had forced Mr. Trent to pay a monthly “protection” fee to known mob boss, Harold Hammer. Presumed associates of Harold Hammer proceeded to viciously assault him “into a pulp,” and caused over $1M USD in damages inside the Tight Pants store.

The suspects are said to be two large men. The first wore a mobster hat and leather gloves. The second, with a mustache and cigarette hanging out of his mouth. A search for the suspects continues.

An angry Mr. Trent was provided aid to calm his frantic ranting to media outlets. He was sat down on a bench, given a warm cup of tea, and promised that his story would be in index1 of the B.B. Journal in exchange for sharing his closing statement:

“We must no longer stand for the reign of terror imposed by Harold and this thugs’ intimidation tactics. I hope other stores will ban together with me and put a stop to this madness!”

The investigation continues.

The Circus comes to New York

Guess Who - Round #4

Article 8

By Elizabeth Jones

Once a year, the metropolis of New York hears the loud stomp of elephants leading a parade through the winding streets. The parade signifies that the Circus is in town. The Circus is famous for its dramatic events over the course of a week on De York St. Our reporters set up an interview with Hubert Harrychest the owner of “Big Daddy’s Circus”.

Hubert Harrychest is a well-known and eccentric character, impossible to miss with his glittering grillz and an over-the-top crown atop his head. When asked what excitement separates this year’s circus from the previous years’ disappointment, Harrychest proudly announced in his booming voice that circus attendees will be wowed by a cage fight with a full grown bull n bear. He then quietly whispered to our reporters, as though someone else might overhear, or, perhaps, he was scared himself - a spider the size of a grown man would be present.

With all this exciting news from Hubert Harrychest on the improvements to this year’s event, the B.B. Journal will be publishing “Big Daddy Circus” as a headliner on the front page of the paper. Certainly moving up from past years, where we have seen the annual circus drop to index11.

Come one, come all - Big Daddy’s Circus awaits you!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Guess Who - Round #4

Article 9

By Elizabeth Jones

Anyone that doesn’t reside under a rock knows New York City is famous for their professional baseball team, the New York Yankees. The baseball season is well under way and it is looking like another promising year for the Yankees. Dedicated fans come from far and wide to watch the baseball team in their black and white pin-striped uniforms. The electric atmosphere can only be understood by attending the game.

Our reporters were over the moon excited to get an exclusive interview with MLB home run leader Aaron Judge! Judge, standing at a towering 6’7’’ and wearing a Shane Butler polo, commands any audience’s full attention.

B.B. Journal reporters asked Judge how he upholds such a consistently confident demeanor. Judge removed his Vera Sagio tinted green sunglasses and replied,

“It’s something I’ve worked on for a long time. Things don’t always go as you would like, you must dig deep within yourself and find the confidence to continue to fight.”

Inspiring words from Judge.

After the interview Judge even spent some time with each of our reporters autographing a golden logo base cap. As Judge was exiting Yankee Stadium, he was seen collecting his Lamborghini carkey from valet staff. In a thick cloud of smoke from tires spinning he took off into the sunset of New York, another world series win just over the horizon.

Grid is Everything My Fren

By Nick Hazelblad

Today we will dive deeper into the layout of our NFTs. During our first brainstorm rounds we directly set the goal not to be an usual PFP project in Solana space. Our artwork should have a clear focus on the creative aspect and cover a deeper level of detail. In the context of our project we had the idea to create a direct connection to bonds and banknotes in order to underline the story of the whole project. On an analytical basis, countless designs of bonds and banknotes were collected and the most interesting features were embedded in the layout process in a minimalistic form. Through this aspect, our NFTs should convey a special kind of value and, as already mentioned above, underline the story background.

When I go Shopping...

By Nick Hazelblad

Let's go shopping today.

Today I will tell you something about our clothing assets. The composition of the bullish broker club NFT collection includes a large field of traits, where especially the clothing trait with 157 different assets offers the widest range of variation. Each clothing asset is hand colored and based on matching color schemes that gives each bullish broker an authentic vibe.

The 157 clothing assets are divided into six clothing styles, which primarily separated by type and color scheme. In addition, to create a deeper context, the assets have been named according to a characteristic scheme. The letter-number combination at the beginning of the asset name symbolizes the fictional collection of the clothing item. Each piece of clothing has its own individual name for this collection. For example, an asset could be called "J83 G.C. Gekko Suit".

The inspiration for this approach was the famous business card scene from American Psycho, in which Patrick Bateman goes into detail about the design and haptics of this one business card.

Through this little idea, we intend to create a kind of independent meta-level for our community in the form of a brand sphere in the bullish broker club verse. The clothing trait is not intended to be a simple category for classical enhancement of the rarities, rather more it is intended to assign a fictitious status symbol to the NFT.

Let's Hunt for a Ferarri

By Nick Hazelblad

I would like to tell you something about our special background assets today. These will be extremely rare in the collection (more common is a basic color as BG), but we have decided to give them an interesting principle that makes them even more unique.

In this example you can see how certain areas in the background asset are transparent and a randomly generated color tones completes the asset.

"And if you have the red one, then you are GOAT ma fren(...)"

For those of you lucky enough to receive, say, a rare old Ferrari as a background asset, this will add an extra element of surprise. The Ferrari can get any color of our provided color spectrum. And if you have the red one, then you are GOAT ma fren anyway.By doing this we want to give a whole new character to the rarities in NFTs

The creative process

By Nick Hazelblad

We want to set new benchmarks in NFT design. During our research into the microcosm of NFTs, we recognized a perceived problem with some projects - the look and feel of the majority of projects is limited to a simple separation of object and background.

To give our NFTs a certain branding character, we had to add a new dimension to the design material.

During the choice of the assets, it was especially important for us that they had a given connection to our identity. Each asset reflects the context of the creative process and communicated storytelling. Assets like the clothing features have for example characteristic names as a little gimmick and are thus meant to create a fun meta level.

Let's build our NFT
Inspired by the origin of the Bullish Broker Club in the Golden Twenties, the illustration style of the NFTs is drawn in a typical 20s/30s cartoon look. In addition to the influential characters of the time such as "Betty Boop" or "Felix the cat", the anime "Jojo bizarre adventure" also played an important role in the color system of our NFTs. We designed a complementary color scheme to ensure a concise color harmony.

The Bullish Broker NFTs distance themselves from traditional PFP projects through the use of a structure-giving layout, which is intended to emulate the structure of classic paper bonds. Each positioned frame element has a functional purpose in the look and feel and gives the NFT a higher level of complexity and value. Just like bonds or coins, the degree of rarity is determined by the small details.

Time to pitch!

By Ricky Rick Jr.

Documents are prepared, the whiteboard is in place and the suit fits perfectly. Time for the perfect pitch. Well. That's how it's sold to the majority, of course, but the reality at the Bullish Broker Club, as in many other large companies, is quite different. Instead of a pompous speech in front of a meeting of countless stakeholders, we have to run across the only contact person in the shortest possible time and convince them in a quick smaltalk. That sounds like an elevator pitch. Ok. It was literally an elevator pitch, because publisher Serano Calzone actually met J. P. Coinberg Jr. in front of the office elevator on the way to the cafeteria. Serano didn't hesitate for long and went full risk into the conversation. Doors open. Showtime!

The elevator ride to the 27th floor takes about 3 minutes, and the publisher presented the whole pitch in a crisp 2 minutes. Ding! Doors open. 27th floor.

Serano walked out of the elevator first and looked at Coinberg Jr. with expectation. Full of confidence he starts saying: "WAGMI? This will put the Bullish Broker Club in the hi...." "Thanks Gordon. That's super news that our quarterly earnings have grown by more than 10x. We'll hear from you in the days," Coinberg Jr. replied, nodding his head slightly to the side and pressing the button on his IE2-Genheimer phone headset. Wait. Who's Gordon? "Ah Mr. Calzone! Everything ok? I can't explain your strange and energetic self-talk in the elevator. If you need a day off, feel free to take it." I don't know how to put this moment into words. Maybe a GIF can better convey Calzone's facial expression and feelings:

So sad. So saaaaaaad. Sooo saaaaad

Towards the end of the day, Nick Hazelblad and I left an accurately made pitchdeck outside Coinberg Jr.'s office door. In the evening I got a call from Serano: "I did it guys! We got the job!". After the embarrassing 'elevator incident', I think I'll leave our publisher to the hypocritical-sweet delusion that he was the reason for this successful pitch after all. Otherwise it could cost my job. Probably.

A New Journey

by Nick Hazelblad

Gallons of coffee and exciting conversations with my work colleagues Ricky Rick Jr. and Paul A. Strand marked a wild Monday morning. The publishing department of the Bullish Broker Club, headed by Serano Calzone, has been under tremendous pressure for some time. Publications such as 'Humming Birds' and 'Stonks and fonds' unfortunately did not flourish with the promised quality content or even the promised Pulitzer Prize. ('Stonks and fonds' was a total disaster). Coinberg Jr. preaches every day about the importance of innovative re-purposing and how new economic branches make room for diverse lucrative cosms. Anyway.


As I burned my tongue on the sixth cup of my scalding hot coffee, Ricky Rick Jr. shouted straight out: "NFT MY FREN!"

"The smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the world's greatest inventions."

When you consider that just 0.009% of internet users own an NFT you realize the potential for coverage. That's it! We decided to go ahead with pioneering spirit and bring NFTs, Crypto and Metaverse closer to our readers and club members. The B.B. Journal is embarking on a new journey my fren.

B.B. Journal - 2022. By Bullish Broker Club