The $tory of Bullish Broker Club

The Bullish Broker Club had its origin in NYC during the Golden Twenties. Founded by J.P. Coinberg, a young ambitious broker who had the deep wish to exchange ideas about global economic trends with soulmates. For generations, the board has been in family hands and is chaired by Coinberg's grandchildren.

Influenced by the success of the golden age, the following generation of the Coinberg family aimed for a new path of financial growth. Freely following the credo: Straight from the bonds WAGMI with crypto funds. The club has brought together thousands of brokers from around the world. In honor of the pioneers of the Bullish Broker Club, the most successful 1,200 club members have been immortalized on the Solana blockchain as a NFT collection.

The Collection


1. Whitelisting 

The whitelisting process goes all the way until the mint. Secure your whitelist status and receive many benefits as a whitelist member.

2. Whitelist & Public Mint 

Whitelist members will have the opportunity for an earlier Mint. Afterwards the public mint will be available. Mintdate: May 8, 2022. Whitelist: 1.5 SOL, Public: 1.65 SOL.

3. Listing and rarities 

Immediately after the mint our Bullish Brokers will be listed on secondary marketplaces. The rarity scoreboard will be published in time.

4. The Foundation 

The community plays an essential role for the Bullish Broker Club. Therefore, there will be a large community wallet. All Bullish Broker Club NFT holders will be eligible to vote for which new utilities this wallet should be used for.

5. Guess Who? 

Your bullish broker has the chance to support you in growing your financial wealth. Take part in the games and earn weekly royalties with your trading skills.

6. Introducing Roadmap 2.0

We are here to stay. Therefore, we will perfect the Guess Who game and also there will be more utilities as time goes on. TOKEN UTILITY will be created for Brokers along with a STAKING PLATFORM. Tokens earned from Staking will be used in a upcoming BROKER STORE. Stay tuned for more Updates!

Guess Who?

There has never been so much going on on the Wall Street. Our team of investigative journalists keep you up to date in the B.B. Journal. A few days after the mint, new articles will be published every two weeks. Just like in the well-known game 'Guess Who?' we are looking for selected Bullish Broker NFTs with certain attributes in our journal. Follow our articles to learn how you can participate in the game and win huge five figures rewards. Take your financial success into your own hands and stay tuned!

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The Foundation

A Foundation has been created to support Bullish Brokers. Holders will be able to help shape the Future of the Project. This will further Empower Brokers and Strengthen the Community.

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Meet The Broker Head Office


Duke Diamondvault

CEO with a Vision.


Elizabeth Jones

Ambitious B.B. Journalist. Keeps those Guess Who Articles Rollin'.


Billy the Broker

Designer with some Serious Skills.


Bigz World

Accountant with Money on the Mind.


Mintdate: May 8, 2022. Whitelist Mint: 1.5 SOL, Public Mint: 1.65 SOL

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We’re there to support and connect with our community! Please be aware of scammers and follow only our official announcements. We will never DM you first, asking for anything. Do not click on any links unless they are shared by us on the official channels. Please check all the important information about the mint on Discord as well as on Twitter to avoid being scammed in case of a hacker attack on one of our channels. Your security and privacy is important to us and we do our best to protect it.

There will be 1,200 Bullish Broker available for mint. 50 of these NFTs will be reserved for team, collabs and promos.

We are proud to announce that our Bullish Brokers are built on the Solana blockchain. Solana impresses with fast transactions and extremely low fees. No gas wars like on other blockchains. Just head over to any reputable exchange and get yourself some SOL. The mint price will be announced very soon.

Now it’s time to get a Solana wallet. We recommend you to use the Phantom wallet on computer or Sollet on mobile. Send the SOL you got to your Phantom wallet. We would highly recommend to use a Burner Wallet for safer minting. Please make sure to have an additional ~.05 SOL in your wallet for transaction fees. Now you’re very well prepared and ready to rock when the mint day comes. 🎸

We will be limiting the whitelisted presale to 3 NFTs per wallet. For the public sale, there is no limit per wallet nor per transaction. This does also mean that you can return to the mint as many times as you want. The official link for the Mint will be announced on Discord and Twitter in time.

We will have a whitelisted presale which gives you the possibility to mint before the public. The whitelist is reserved for active members. All the info about how to get on the #whitelist can be found in the “#📃 | whitelist-faq |” channel. So, make sure to join our Discord.

After the public mint our NFT collection will be available on the secondary market. We will be listed right after the mint so you will be able to exchange your NFTs and join the game immediately. The official marketplaces will be announced very soon. We will do all we can to make this a flawless experience for you. Please do not trade on unauthorized marketplaces to avoid scams and fake NFTs.

Every Bullish Broker NFT traded on secondary markets is subject to a 10 % royalty.

That’s totally up to you. There are so many things you can do with your NFT, you can collect, exchange or just print it and hang it in your room. Who needs Mona Lisa? 😉 You will also get entrance to our game and access to exclusive events on the Metaverse.

As the holder of a Bullish Broker NFT you receive ownership of your unique artwork. After all, a “Non-Fungible Token” (NFT) is a digital certificate of ownership for a one-of-a-kind asset that can be bought and sold, like any other piece of property.

No, but this NFT.